Friday, January 29, 2010

Silver Linings and such...

 It's such a nice feeling to to find all sorts of pretty and interesting things when you're moving house and sorting all your years of accumulated junk...


 Old Instamatic camera, Parker pen, red dinky sports car, heart shaped button, swallow necklace and a pony brooch in a pretty velvet box...

An old faded photo by Sarah Moon

 My favorite egg cup

My cat however, does not like the idea of moving

Monday, January 25, 2010

Rainy Day Monday

Current inspiration, apart from the gorgeous rain today is a gorgeous fashion photographer, Camilla Akrans
Her photos have a wonderful sense of mood and emotion as well as classic style.

On another note, My own Photographic endeavors are paying off, I will be exhibiting as an 'Emerging Creative' at the 2010 Design Indaba held in Cape Town, South Africa! I'm really excited 'cause its a great way to get to meet important people in the industry and get to know lots of talented creatives doing the same thing as me...trying to make money from our passion for creativity.I'll be exhibiting my 'Fashion stories' and hopefully meeting lots of people who want me to take photos for them too!

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