Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh! how pretty and shiny!

My friend Caryn is an awesome fashion designer, in her spare time she also has a range of jewelery which she sells at various boutiques in the Eastern Cape and is now selling in Cape Town too!

She makes rings and earrings from beautiful buttons and gorgeous necklaces with little charms and trinkets on too!

I took some photos of her new merchandise the other day and finally got round to editing and sending to her, she's been waiting in suspense for ages!

                                                                Teacup necklaces!

                                                Close up of a charm necklace

                                                                 Charm necklaces
                                                      Button earrings and Brooches

Monday, July 12, 2010

I have some other blogs...I have too many blogs perhaps...

Aside from this blog which is for my photography I also have a Tumblr blog for posting pretty pictures, Tumblr is really quick and easy to post on so I end up posting there a lot more than here...sorry blog:-( 

Today however, I updated and fiddled with all my blogs, putting new backgrounds and titles on them as I do every few months...Also because I have ANOTHER blog called Blue Bows. Its a blog for the pretty things I make which people occasionally buy from me.

I make Bows...(not just in Blue) which are Brooch, hairclip, necklace pendants all in one as well as heart brooches made of fabric and NOW a new range of necklaces! They are all one of a kind found and handmade which I have named 'Pigeon Pair'. I'm really excited about making these necklaces and will be posting pics of a few of them in the next few days, so look out!

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