Monday, December 7, 2009

things that I did in November

So, in an effort to make my photography blog more interesting and a bit more photographic, I thought I would share some photo's I took this last month. I didn't take very many as I was in the process of moving out of my flat but I did manage a little fashion shoot for a friend who's a fashion designer. here's some of the shots from the photo session.

All the clothes are designed by Caryn Fourie and these were shot on location at our university, would you believe? I love all the stark grey and textures in contrast with her lovely designs.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Website finnished!

I have officially finished my new -look website and it will hopefully be up by friday. Thats at Until then, here's a photo by my favorite photographer. Tim Walker, you are a God.

P.S.Check out this really cool website I found, Issuu, I uploaded my fashion editorial magazine, and now it looks like a real magazine! the pages flip over and everything!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

SO, after a very long hiatus in which I finished my photography degree portfolio, and all the other banter that goes with it, I am back and really irritated with trying to update my blog layout etc. The post font colour keeps going back to orange...It might have something to do with the fact that I kept changing the may not....anyway. I don't really like orange.

But onto other things. I will hopefully be updating this as often as possible, and for now, here are some pretty pictures, The rest of my portfolio can be viewed at

Part of the series, "The day dream' inspired by pre raphaelite art and Ophelia in the river

And also,

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

featured on Love vs Like blog

The other day I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a post on my facebook wall by an old school friend. It seems she and a friend have a lovely bog and have featured me as a photographer:-) Thanks Darla!

here's a link to their blog 'Love vs like'

Hopefully there will be a few more posts from me shortly, with lots of pictures:-) I promise!

x love

Monday, June 15, 2009

Javier Vallhonrat - Amazing photographer

Heres some beautiful images by one of my favorite Fashion photographers, Javier Vallhonrat.
Theres something so quiet but exciting about his images. it makes you want to know who these women are, where they are, what they're thinking...

scanned from his book "Javier Vallhonrat" Bompublishers 2006
Heres his website

love love love

To begin with...

Hi there,
I'm, a new blogger here to share my ideas, photographic work and inspiration with the world.
A good place to start is probably to link my website, online portfolio and twitter pages back to here, so all you wonderful people can see what it is that Iactually do.

My new 'DotCom' - Sasha H Photography (In the process of being updated)

My online portfolio - Carbonmade portfolio ( most recently updated)

go and have a look ad let me know what you think

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