Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Design Indaba!

About 10 days ago went on a fantastic trip to Cape Town to exhibit at the Design Indaba Expo as an 'Emerging Creative'. Apart from meeting all sorts of awesome creative people I also did ridiculous amounts of networking and repeatedly fielded school children's questions on 'what my inspiration is'!etc. I did manage to document the event a little bit and here's a few pics so you can get the idea.(more to come)

                                setting up the day before

                      My stand at the expo

                                Me, ready for the crowds

All in all, it was an eventful and rewarding weekend, I'm just sad I wont be able to do it again next year!


  1. Super blog, looking forward to seeing more your work.

  2. how beautiful :) you are very talented, they look fantastic!

    xx come visit!