Monday, July 12, 2010

I have some other blogs...I have too many blogs perhaps...

Aside from this blog which is for my photography I also have a Tumblr blog for posting pretty pictures, Tumblr is really quick and easy to post on so I end up posting there a lot more than here...sorry blog:-( 

Today however, I updated and fiddled with all my blogs, putting new backgrounds and titles on them as I do every few months...Also because I have ANOTHER blog called Blue Bows. Its a blog for the pretty things I make which people occasionally buy from me.

I make Bows...(not just in Blue) which are Brooch, hairclip, necklace pendants all in one as well as heart brooches made of fabric and NOW a new range of necklaces! They are all one of a kind found and handmade which I have named 'Pigeon Pair'. I'm really excited about making these necklaces and will be posting pics of a few of them in the next few days, so look out!

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